What is Beartooth?

Beartooth is a smart walkie talkie that replaces hand held and two way radios. No satellite or cell service required.

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How do I use Beartooth?

Download the app and pair your Beartooth to your iPhone or Android device. Once connected you can message, call, and pinpoint other Beartooth users within 10 miles.

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How does Beartooth work?

Beartooth works as a long range link between you and other Beartooth users. Your phone connects to your Beartooth and your Beartooth connects to other Beartooth devices up to 10 miles away over the 900 MHz ISM band.

Technical Specs


  • Voice

    Speak to one person or broadcast to the whole group, instantly. Push-to-talk voice means quick communication with no waiting for calls to be picked up.

  • Text

    One-on-one texting or set up a group chat. You can even send emojis!

  • Maps and Locations

    High-res offline topographic maps means you can leave your breadcrumbs at home. Pinpoint the exact location of everyone in your group. Locations refresh automatically with each message sent.

  • Mesh Networking

    Multiple hops extend your range as you create an advanced on-the-go network to stay in touch with all members of your group.

  • Security

    256-bit AES symmetric key encryption keeps your messages just between you and your friends.

  • Charging

    Recharge your phone on the go. The 3000mAh lithium ion battery has enough energy to fully charge your phone. Beartooth device carries enough charge to charge an iPhone 7 1.5 times.