How Does Beartooth Mesh Network Work?




Beartooth MK II devices recognize each other, establish handshakes and ultimately create a mesh network. As new devices join, the mesh network grows, and each MK II device keeps a dynamic record of how to best reach other active MK II devices in the network.






To enhance your network's coverage and ensure its robustness, adding "headless" Beartooth MK II devices is a strategic option. Although these units lack a Bluetooth connection to a phone which makes them "headless", they remain integral to the network. The absence of a Bluetooth link triggers their repeating mode, turning them into what we refer to as "Breadcrumbs." These Breadcrumbs are pivotal in extending the network's reach without degrading the network health.


Less interference = better signal strength and connectivity.

Therefore, strategic positioning of users and Breadcrumbs is crucial for optimal network performance.

Some other details about Beartooth Network include:

  • Can support 100+ devices and up to 6 hops.
  • Operates on 902 - 928 MHz ISM Band.
  • Has 1 W transmit power.
  • Supports up to 20-mile Line of Sight (LoS) links.


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