Frequently Asked Questions


What is Beartooth?

Beartooth is a small device that works with your existing smartphone to communicate when you have no service. With Beartooth, you can talk, text, use maps, and share location to Beartooth users within range when you have no cellular service. Beartooth also works as a backup battery for your smartphone.

How does it work?

Beartooth works by creating a localized network between users that are within range of one another. Each time you use push-to-talk, text, or location sharing in the app, the data is sent directly through this network.

When would I use it?

Anytime you are in a place that has no cellular service, like skiing or hiking, or when the networks are too congested, like at a music festival or football game. 

Operation and Shipping

When will my order ship?

Beartooth ships immediately!  You will be on your mission in two or three days.

Can I use Beartooth internationally?

Beartooth is legal to use in any ITU Region 2 country.

Is there a contract or monthly fee?

There are no contracts or monthly fees associated with Beartooth, just a one time purchase for the hardware.

Can I use Beartooth without a Beartooth device?

No, all users must have their own Beartooth devices connected to their phones.

Do I need a Beartooth device to send and receive messages?

Yes, each user needs a device paired with their smartphone to communicate.

Does the Beartooth app need to be running to receive messages?


How do I access the 'Getting Started' guides?

All of our guides can be found at

Technical Specifications

Does Beartooth connect me to the internet?

No, Beartooth networks operate independently from cellular or Wifi.

What phones are supported?

Beartooth works with Android devices running Android 5.0+ and iPhones (6S or newer) running iOS 13+.

What frequencies does Beartooth use?

Beartooth operates in the ISM915 band (902-928 MHz).

User Manual & Device Details

How do I access the 'Getting Started' guides?

All of our guides can be found at

How do I tell if I have a Gen 1 or Gen 2 device?

Gen 1 units have an amber colored status led. Get 2 units have a multicolor led. 

You can also see the difference within the settings of the Beartooth app after you connect your device.

What Does the LED mean?

Gen 2: 

White = on, not connected 

Blue Double Blink = connected to Bluetooth 

Blue and Red Alternating Blink = pairing mode

Yellow Blink = charging

Green Blink = charging, full battery 

The charging color combinations can be combined with others. For example, if the Beartooth device is connected to Bluetooth and charging, you will see a quick Double Blue Blink and then a Yellow Blink. 

Gen 1:

Slow Blinking of the LED (1 blink per second)- Charging mode

Fast Blinking of the LED (2 blinks per second) - Pairing mode 

Solid LED (On and paired) - Normal Operation

Firmware Updates & Issues

Firmware 1.4.0 Update:

With the release of Firmware 1.4.0, we improved device stability and updated the LED sequencing as listed above. To ensure your device works properly after the update, you must unpair and re-pair the device from Bluetooth setting before use. If the device is not unpaired from Bluetooth after the update, the app will not recognize the device.