MK II [UN]packed.

Using ATAK with Beartooth MK II

The Beartooth MK II seamlessly integrates with the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) through the Beartooth ATAK Plugin, offering advanced situational awareness tools that the world's most elite tactical teams depend on.

Some of the Most Used Features:

Feature Image Once MK II is paired with ATAK through the Beartooth ATAK Plugin, you can customize your network settings, configure your network ID, activate encryption for secure communications, adjust live location settings, conduct a quick network scan, add breadcrumb devices, and create personalized groups for messaging.
Feature Image Through the contacts tab in ATAK, manage your Beartooth network contacts and broadcast group, enabling efficient communication with everyone in your network.
Feature Image With the Beartooth Broadcast group feature, place custom markers on the map, share them with contacts, and update marker details for real-time communication.
Feature Image The Beartooth MK II supports a wide range of ATAK's situational awareness data types, including routes, polygon shapes, and images, enabling seamless and efficient task performance without external infrastructure.

We're excited to see how you put Beartooth MK II to the test and fully utilize its potential.

How Does Beartooth Mesh Network Work?

Beartooth MK II devices recognize each other, establish handshakes and ultimately create a mesh network. As new devices join, the mesh network grows, and each MK II device keeps a dynamic record of how to best reach other active MK II devices in the network.

To enhance your network's coverage and ensure its robustness, adding "headless" Beartooth MK II devices is a strategic option. Although these units do not require pairing with a phone which makes them "headless", they remain integral to the network. The absence of pairing process with a phone triggers their repeating mode, turning them into what we refer to as "Breadcrumbs." These Breadcrumbs are pivotal in extending the network's reach without degrading the network health.

Less interference = better signal strength and connectivity.

Therefore, strategic positioning of users and Breadcrumbs is crucial for optimal network performance.

Some other details about Beartooth Network include:

  • Can support 100+ devices and up to 6 hops.
  • Operates on 902 - 928 MHz ISM Band.
  • Has 1 W transmit power.
  • Supports up to 30-mile Line of Sight (LoS) links.

Let's Talk About MK II - [Confusions and Questions]

Beartooth MK II

Since we introduced the Beartooth MK II to the consumer market at the start of 2024, we've received numerous inquiries regarding its hardware, software, and various other aspects.

In this post, we aim to clear up any confusion and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the MK II.

Confusion: "Initial learning and overall user experience is going to be comparable to DIY solutions."

A : We engineered the Beartooth MK II with a focus on user-friendliness, ensuring a minimal learning curve. From the initial pairing with our app, you're guided through a seamless experience. Should you face any unexpected behavior, our support team is on standby to resolve the issue and ensure your satisfaction. Even for users transitioning from DIY solutions, the switch to MK II is designed to be completely hassle-free, promising a smooth and intuitive experience.

Question #1: Where is Beartooth MK II manufactured?

A : Beartooth MK II is proudly made in the United States, with all components sourced domestically. The radio components come from a supplier in Minnesota, while the assembly process is carried out in Chicago, IL. Additionally, all design work, software development, and testing are conducted in-house in Bozeman, MT.

Question #2: Is Beartooth MK II IP-rated?

A : While we worked hard on getting a really good seal on the device, it is not certified IP rated. You should not submerge MK II in water. However, it is water-resistant. It can take a beating in the rain, snow, or in extreme weather conditions.

Question #3: Is Beartooth MK II military-grade?

A : Yes, we often receive questions about what we mean by "military-grade mesh network" in reference to Beartooth MK II. Prior to our consumer market launch in January 2024, we collaborated with various military branches to rigorously test the MK II. We have also fulfilled hundreds of orders for these military clients. These partnerships have been instrumental in refining our product, enabling us to enhance our solution significantly before making it available to the consumer market.

Push-to-Talk Voice on Beartooth Network

Just like any walkie talkie, Beartooth MK II supports Push-to-Talk (PTT) voice via either a soft key in the app or a physical button located on your phone or your earpiece. The advantage of MK II over traditional walkie talkies is that the Beartooth Network is fully digital, so sound clarity is consistent regardless of the radio range.

Soft PTT Key is located on each conversation, including the Beartooth Broadcast group, in case you want to reach everyone in the network. Additionally, if you prefer using hard PTT buttons, MK II is compatible with dedicated PTT hardware. You can use a built-in PTT button on devices like the Samsung XCover Pro, or connect external third-party earpieces such as Savox BT COM, Aina PTT Voice Responder earpieces.