• Live Location Updates

    Send live location updates based on perimeter or time interval you select.
  • Direct & Group Text Messages

    Send direct and broadcast messages. Or create a custom group for texting.
  • Push-to-Talk Voice

    Just like a walkie-talkie, push-to-talk and your voice message is delivered instantly.
  • Advanced Mesh Network

    Up to 30-Mile Line of Sight links and 100+ device support.
  • AES-256 Encryption

    Enough said.
  • 2-Day Battery Life

    Intelligent network protocol management and long battery life.

Tech Specs

Power and Battery

3.7V - 3000 mAh Battery
Two-day Battery Life

Size and Weight

Size Image

External Buttons & Connector

Power Switch
USB C connector for charging


AES 256 Encryption
Low Probability of Detect, Low Probability of Intercept


902 - 928 MHz ISM band with Frequency Hopping
Self-Forming and Self-Healing Mesh Network
Line of Sight Range of 30 Miles
Supports More Than 100 Meshed Nodes
Supports Up to 6 Hops
1W (30 dBm) Transmit Power