Let's Talk About Beartooth MK II - [Confusions and FAQs]

Beartooth MK II

Since we introduced the Beartooth MK II to the consumer market at the start of 2024, we've received numerous inquiries regarding its hardware, software, and various other aspects.

In this post, we aim to clear up any confusion and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the

Confusion #1: "Beartooth MK II is just a repackaged DIY LoRa Radio"

A: This is inaccurate. Our first product, the Beartooth MK I, launched almost a decade ago, featured a LoRa chip and was great for 1-hop peer-to-peer communication. However, our users requested heavily that MK I should also support mesh networking. After a long R&D phase, we realized MK I couldn't support a robust mesh network protocol that met our standards, especially for functionalities like push-to-talk audio with sub-500ms latency and image sharing across a network with 3-4+ hops due to the bandwidth limitations of LoRa.

To address this, we embarked on extensive research and development to find a better solution. We chose a new radio solution for Beartooth MK II that is not based on LoRa and that offers higher bandwidth and supports autonomous meshing that doesn't require manual configuration for each hop. The radio solution enables over 5 hops in the mesh network, while maintaining a good range, efficient energy use and a robust mesh network. As a result, we designed MK II around this new radio solution.

Confusion #2: "Initial learning and overall user experience is going to be comparable to DIY solutions."

A: We engineered the Beartooth MK II with a focus on user-friendliness, ensuring a minimal learning curve. From the initial pairing with our app, you're guided through a seamless experience. Should you face any unexpected behavior, our support team is on standby to resolve the issue and ensure your satisfaction. Even for users transitioning from DIY solutions, the switch to MK II is designed to be completely hassle-free, promising a smooth and intuitive experience.


Question #1: Where is Beartooth MK II manufactured?
A: Beartooth MK II is proudly made in the United States, with all
components sourced domestically. The radio components come from a supplier in Minnesota, while the assembly process is carried out in
Chicago, IL. Additionally, all design work, software development,
and testing are conducted in-house, split between our teams in Los
Angeles, CA, and Bozeman, MT.

Question #2: Is Beartooth MK II IP-rated?

A: While we worked hard on getting a really good seal on the device, it is not certified IP rated. You should not submerge MK II in water. However, it is water-resistant. It can take a beating in the rain, snow or in extreme weather conditions.

Question #3: Is Beartooth MK II military-grade?

A: Yes, we often receive questions about what we mean by "military-grade mesh network" in reference to Beartooth MK II. Prior to our consumer market launch in January 2024, we collaborated with various military branches to rigorously test the MK II. We have also fulfilled hundreds of orders for these military clients. These partnerships have been instrumental in refining our product, enabling us to enhance our solution significantly before making it available to the consumer market.


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