Using ATAK with Beartooth MK II

The Beartooth MK II seamlessly integrates with the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) through the Beartooth ATAK Plugin, offering advanced situational awareness tools that the world's most elite tactical teams depend on.

Some of the Most Used Features:

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  • Once MK II is paired with ATAK through the Beartooth ATAK Plugin, you can customize your network settings, configure your network ID, activate encryption for secure communications, adjust live location settings, conduct a quick network scan, add breadcrumb devices, and create personalized groups for messaging.
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  • Through the contacts tab in ATAK, manage your Beartooth network contacts and broadcast group, enabling efficient communication with everyone in your network.


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  •   With the Beartooth Broadcast group feature, place custom markers on the map, share them with contacts, and update marker details for real-time communication.


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  • The Beartooth MK II supports a wide range of ATAK's situational awareness data types, including routes, polygon shapes, and images, enabling seamless and efficient task performance without external infrastructure.


We're excited to see how you put Beartooth MK II to the test and fully utilize its potential.


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